The Most Important Person On Our Team

Welcome to Day 1 our week of devotions in preparation for this year’s KSMC. My prayer is that God will encourage, challenge and strengthen you through the things shared this next week.

Having overseen this camp for the past eleven years, I know that people become KSMC team members for lots of different reasons. Maybe it is so you get to hang out with very cool and unbelievably humble people like me (OK, maybe not – just let me live in my delusion) or, more realistically, to spend a week with your friends. Or, you may truly have a heart to minister to kids or just to serve in general. All of those are valid reasons (especially the first one), but you may not even be aware of the real reasons you are on this team.

Here are just a few possibilities:

  • God wants to encourage you. It can happen in so many different ways – operating in your gifting, during a conversation with a friend or leader, or simply knowing you made a positive difference in a child’s life somehow.
  • God wants to challenge you and help you grow. You are working with others – authorities, peers and charges (the little ones in your care). God’s greatest tool for growth is through relationships – in both harmony and conflict.
  • God wants to use YOU. You specifically. He wants to use your unique gifting, personality, experiences.

No one is more important to the success of this week as you. Why? Because you are incredible! Because God has put unbelievable potential in you. Because you will have opportunity to reach a child’s heart in a God-ordained moment like no one else. No one can fulfill the things God has created you for like you can.

That’s why I am so glad YOU are on our team!

Your prayer focus for today:

  • Ask God for supernatural energy and strength.
  • Ask God to help you be more sensitive to the needs of others than your own.
  • Ask God to show you areas where He wants to help you learn and grow this week and next.
  • Ask God to help you be more aware of His encouragement to you – and a greater awareness of when it happens.
  • Ask God for opportunities to speak love and hope into the children in your care and influence.

Pastor Mark