How Do I Show God’s Love?

We often talk, within church, within our homes and certainly within the confines of KSMC about showing God’s love.  To someone wired like me (a checklist kind of girl), my first thought is “Ok, so how do I do that?”  “Where is my neat little checklist to get this done?”.  The question may seem daunting, but my dear friends the answer I have found is quite simple. 

How do we show God’s love?  In short, self sacrifice; we open ourselves up and allow God to flow through us.  We do this by being in constant prayer for this week of camp.  We don’t just speak God’s love, we DO IT.  Does that make sense? 

Jesus didn’t simply come down to earth and preach to people, He came down to earth and DID FOR people.  He met basic needs, like feeding the 5,000.  He touched people. Let that sink in.  As God Almighty, Jesus could have simply thought and healed a person.  But He did so much more. He placed his hands on these people. People who were sick, dirty, smelly and societal outcasts.  He leaned in and put His hands on these people.  That to me is such an intimate and powerful showing of love.  Oh, healing them was so special, but he touching them was beautiful.  He gave of HIS time to anyone who needed it.  If there was a willing soul and they needed to hear His voice, He was there.

Is this becoming clearer?  To show God’s love we don’t need to pound our Bibles and quote Bible verses (although scripture is a very integral part of showing God’s love), we need to DO.  We need to sacrifice ourselves, our wants, and be there for these kids this week.  Many of these children will remember the catchy tunes from this week and the fun dance moves.  What they will remember more is the time we take to listen, really listen (even if the story is one we’ve already been told), when we take the time to pray with them for the needs they mention (remember how wonderful it felt as a child to have an adult pray over your request…makes one feel special) and when we simply have fun with them.  Encourage them in the recreational activities, praise them for their creative endeavors in their crafts and how great they are doing with the music and dance steps.

This sums it up quite nicely:  “Be devoted to one another in love.  Honor one another above yourselves.”  Romans 12:10  Self sacrifice is showing God’s love to others.

My prayer for you all today is that you feel free to show the love of God to everyone you come across and that you rely on God’s love and strength to do so.

Amy 🙂