Can God Really Use Me?

Oh, how often this question plagues and taunts me on a regular basis.  Satan loves nothing more than to remind of us of our shortcomings, our failures and Satan would love nothing more than to convince each one of us that God cannot or perhaps would not use us for His glory.

Being in any kind of ministry, this is a constant battle that is to be fought.  For this is what KSMC is, it is not just a fun week of summer, but a ministry that is used to show God’s unending love for each and every one of the children that are entrusted to us this one week of the year.

Each time I linger on these doubts, I am reminded of all the people that God has used throughout the course of history.  He used people like Joseph, who was abused, sold into slavery, imprisoned and I’m sure thought he was forgotten.  He used David, mighty King David who was not only an adulterer, but a murderer.  One individual was put in dire situations through no fault of his own and the other was in situations brought on by his own bad choices.

God used both of these men, who in society’s eyes were not qualified or worthy of being used by God.  But that’s the amazing, beautiful and humbling nature of our God, our Father.  He does not look at our past (decisions we have made or situations we have endured) with judgement.  When we are broken and at our lowest, when we think that we can’t possibly be used by God because of X, Y, and Z that have occurred, that is when He can shine through.

When we bring ourselves before God, ask for forgiveness and repent He is true and will forgive us.  Then the most wonderful thing happens, when He forgives us, when WE ignore Satan’s taunts and lies that we cannot be used, God steps into our lives and uses us in ways that we never even dreamed were possible.

Like right now, God is constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone.  Even as I have been writing this devotion, I’m sitting here battling the thoughts of “You’re not spiritual enough”, “You’re not a leader”….and the list goes on.  But this is where I tell myself (and Satan) that I am a child of God and I can be used in any manner that God sees fit, if I will trust in Him and not lean on my understanding, but wildly abandon myself to God and let God go through me however He sees fit.

So, this is my prayer for each of you this week.  When you get frustrated or down, remember God is using you in ways you might not even know.  So keep your chin up, your prayers up and remind yourself who’s child you are.

“Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.”  John 14:12 Do you see that?  Jesus is going to the Father to ensure that the works He wants done through us are accomplished.  That’s quite the cheering section we have in our corner 🙂

Amy 🙂